Kalena Jordan and Qwerty were complaining about seo no longer being sexy. I was feeling that way myself until I met seofangirl and I know she can bring sexy back into seo. Why was she so seo sexy? Well for the all the reasons below.

1). Sexy is smart and the women of seo are smart, smart, smart.

“I’ve read the entirety of Plato’s Republic in Greek.”

“I took the SATs the summer before I started 7th grade. ”

“… a Masters Degree in Business”

“She received her B.A. in Genetics and Developmental Biology and an M.A. in Asian Studies/Japanese from University of Illinois.”

2). Sexy is fun and that’s exactly what the women of seo are, fun!

“She is also a well-known Disney fan…”

“My favorite sport is football…”

“I love all toys with motors – that list includes my race car (sponsor anyone?), ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes & motorcycles.”

3) Sexy is funny, and the women of seo are ha ha funny.

“One time I got stuck in my apartment’s elevator for over an hour. Thankfully, I was neither going into labor or having to pee.”

“Man of seo to woman of seo in a crowded elevator; He says “Did you ever notice how everybody gets quiet when the elevator door shuts?” She replies “Yeah, everybody but you!”.

“I’m afraid of moths. I can deal with and kill most bugs… but not moths.”

“I collect toads. Stuffed ones, plastic ones, glass ones, etc. (Most are actually frogs, but I pretend that they’re toads.) Oh, and they have names too, but sometimes I forget who’s who!”

4). Sexy is adventureous and the women of seo have had some adventures.

“I have a red belt in “kick boxing”.

“…five years as Public Relations Advisor to the Royal Thai Government.”

“When I was 14 my dad gave me a Euro-Pass which I used to go all over Germany, Austria and Italy skiing with friends.”

“She managed marketing and procurement contracts for the Japanese Government, Japanese Defense Agency, and top companies in heavy industry.”

“having lived and worked in Latin America and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish and French. She holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa and an M.B.A. from HEC in France.” (adventerous and smart)

“I worked in Madrid as an AuPair and lived near the Plaza de Castilla.”

5). Sexy is sweet and the women of seo are sugar sweet.

“When I think of my little brother, my eyes well up. He goes to college in Pennsylvania and I only get to see him during Christmas. He’s my heart”.

“She’s a bright young woman, and with all the training she’s getting, will be one to watch if she continues in the marketing industry. ” (About another woman of seo, now that’s sweet)

If you know any sexy women of seo that would also like to be blogrolled and become eligible for weekly nominations then please let us know in the comments. thanks seofanguy


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