Seo FanGirl Apprentice recently posted at seofangirl“It’s Always The Quiet Ones”. Its an article about someone that seo fanguy admires greatly.

There’s this really quiet, polite and very respectful SEO guy who doesn’t seem to get all the love like Rand (Fishkins or what are they called?) or Matt (Cuttletts) gets, but boy does he deserve it! This guy gives us photo trivia fun, wish lists and more! This SEO hottie makes Ranking in Search Engine his business and does it without all the flocks of fangirls following him (we all just admire him from afar!).

By the way they’re called Fiskinheads, like Dead Heads you know or maybe you don’t know what a Dead Head is Seo FanGirl Apprentice. Anyway this got me to thinking if there was a sexy woman of seo behind a man of seo what she would be like?

Could she truly be a sexy woman of seo? That woman would definitely have to be smart because she marred the man of seo and she knows seo. She sure would have to be funny to entertain people at all the conferences they attend. For sure she’d have to be fun and adventurous to tag along with him across the world.

Most of all she would have to be sweet so her seo man could always be happy. I guess that means the sexy woman of seo nominee is the smart, funny, fun, adventurous, and undeniably sweet…………………Irma Wallace. Dave and Irma are definitely sexy seo couple of the month!

Okay tell us why you think Irma Wallace is sexy woman of seo January ’07.