SEO FanGuy’s Women of SEO is a tribute to SEO FanGirl.  I love her.  I wish she was mine, but she spends all her time gushing over these other SEOs.  This blog will definitely get her to finally notice me.

I even brought on two suave studs to help sway me from my constant love from you.  They say each week they’ll talk about another beautiful woman of SEO and try to convince me that there are other fish in the sea.  They may be fighting a losing battle though, as my love for you cannot be stopped by the beauty of others.

Either way, I thought it may make sense to introduce the fellas and explain a bit why I chose them to help me out with this love jones I got.

David Temple is a sophisticated, worldly man.  He’s a well traveled, well spoken, handsome and likeable gentleman.  Real women will love his charm and charisma and will be mesmerized by his wise yet boyish eyes and kind heart.  He currently is in charge of the China Search Marketing Tour, so it’s easy to see how cultured this man truly is.  His input will be wise and intuitive, and his heart will help him guide me in the right direction.

Chris Hooley is a party animal playboy with a streak of innocence and according to him a “whole lotta sexy”.  He’s a natural leader and a party starter, and is known for incorporating these attributes into his SEO lavish lifestyle.  I bet he’ll be the guy who will remind me how much fun I am missing while I swoon over the elusive and beautiful SEO FanGirl, and hopefully his insights will help me come out of my shell a little and open my eyes to the beauty that is all around me.  For some reason however, he keeps asking me to take a picture holding this little drink.