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Seriously dudes, this is one smokin hot chicka. Elisabeth O (I like to call her that because it makes my dirty mind wander) is a babe who needs a young buck like myself to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Plus she went to U Mass, which means she’s already down the with the Boston connection. If I had the chance, we’d spend a wicked pissah night pounding beahs at the bah, you know just pahtyin’ and flirtin’.

I’ll tell you what, I have this one pic on my flickr that says it all. Here I am, obviously excited to be within arms reach of one of the hottest search babes on the planet.

Just check out those eyes. She is fiiine!

Imagine this scenario. You wake up Christmas morning morning, heart filled with excitement. You run to the family room to check out your booty (I mean booty like in pirate speak, not in rapper speak, though I wouldn’t hesitate if I thought the coast was clear…) Then you notice one of your presents move. Next thing you know Elisabeth O pops out of the present in a hot little Santa’s helper outfit. OMG forget about the stocking stuffers. There’s only one thing on my mind at this point.

The rest of this story would read like a “romance” novel if I didn’t think Fan Guy would trash the post…

Whether she’s on the slopes, on the circuit, or at home in her jammies perfecting countless people’s copy, Elisabeth O has got swagger! Damn she’s such a catch.

Fan Guy, if you want a babe to get your motor running, this is the one bro.


I was honored that SEO FanGuy thought I was the right guy for the job.  SEO FanGirl, I love ya babe.  Even if SEO FanGuy is knocking off your style, you are one smokin hottie!  Those who know me can easily understand why I’m so into a girl who can be so cute and make such a big buzz.

David, tell SEO FanGuy to hurry up and pick this week’s nomination.  I’m itchin to win the heart of at least one of the beautiful women on this blogroll.