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Okay that’s a big fat lie but I made you look. I don’t know how a guy like Chris Hooley who regularly gets coal in his stocking can even think that Santa would bring him Elisabeth for Christmas. So live on in your fantasy land and let me tell you why Elisabeth is a sexy woman of seo. Like seofanguy said women of seo are sexy because they are smart, fun, adventurous, funny and sweet and Elisabeth is that and more.

She’s definitely smart, you don’t get to be the Managing Editor of Search Engine Watch if you’re not smart. Fun and adventurous are her middle names. In fact she’s the one that was quoted by seofanguy as saying;

“Obviously, I ski… but I’m into the outdoors in general, that’s what living in Maine is all about. What you don’t know is that I’m also grease monkey girl and that I love all toys with motors – that list includes my race car (sponsor anyone?), ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes & motorcycles.”

But the best part is she is funny and sweet. You may want to sit down for this one Chris. When I met Elisabeth I told her “I like you” to which she responded, “No, you love me”, now that’s funny. Then later on in the evening I walked by her and said “I love you Elisabeth” and she responded “I love you too”, now that’s sweet. In your face Chris “Hooligan” Hooley!

I know Elisabeth doesn’t want me for Christmas but if she had a choice I’m sure she would rather spend time with me instead of being covered by that other guy’s coal dust.


Wow,  seo fanguy  picked me as a contributor to this blog and I won’t let him down. I’m also waiting with bated breath for the nominee of the week. Who will she be? We already have several nominations.  I do know seo fanguy is crazy about seo fangirl and won’t quit talking about her. But he has to pick one lovely lady to get this started, so we’ll see who that is.  And Chris you can ask him yourself, I’m not your gopher dude.