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I just can’t go on seeing all this attention paid to the other women of seo so I can’t really nominate any other sexy woman of seo. My one true love is seofangirl and no one can take her place so I’m ending this blog and declaring my love for seofangirl. SEO Fangirl you’re the best and no one can take your place.


The women of seo are hot, hot, hot. SEO Fangirl is crazy about the guys but the girls are the best. All of them are smart, lovely, sexy, funny, sweet, caring……we could go on and on and will in future posts. There’s so many of them we don’t know where to start. We know you’re probably saying “Hey what’s with the girlie man theme on your blog?” Well, this blog is for the women of seo not us guys. So we’ll give them what they want. (Take note guys).

To the women of SEO
We just wanted you to know
That no one can compare
The passion that we share
For all the things you do
Our love for you is true
It will never fade away
Its always here to stay
To the women of SEO