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Seo FanGirl Apprentice recently posted at seofangirl“It’s Always The Quiet Ones”. Its an article about someone that seo fanguy admires greatly.

There’s this really quiet, polite and very respectful SEO guy who doesn’t seem to get all the love like Rand (Fishkins or what are they called?) or Matt (Cuttletts) gets, but boy does he deserve it! This guy gives us photo trivia fun, wish lists and more! This SEO hottie makes Ranking in Search Engine his business and does it without all the flocks of fangirls following him (we all just admire him from afar!).

By the way they’re called Fiskinheads, like Dead Heads you know or maybe you don’t know what a Dead Head is Seo FanGirl Apprentice. Anyway this got me to thinking if there was a sexy woman of seo behind a man of seo what she would be like?

Could she truly be a sexy woman of seo? That woman would definitely have to be smart because she marred the man of seo and she knows seo. She sure would have to be funny to entertain people at all the conferences they attend. For sure she’d have to be fun and adventurous to tag along with him across the world.

Most of all she would have to be sweet so her seo man could always be happy. I guess that means the sexy woman of seo nominee is the smart, funny, fun, adventurous, and undeniably sweet…………………Irma Wallace. Dave and Irma are definitely sexy seo couple of the month!

Okay tell us why you think Irma Wallace is sexy woman of seo January ’07.


Okay that’s a big fat lie but I made you look. I don’t know how a guy like Chris Hooley who regularly gets coal in his stocking can even think that Santa would bring him Elisabeth for Christmas. So live on in your fantasy land and let me tell you why Elisabeth is a sexy woman of seo. Like seofanguy said women of seo are sexy because they are smart, fun, adventurous, funny and sweet and Elisabeth is that and more.

She’s definitely smart, you don’t get to be the Managing Editor of Search Engine Watch if you’re not smart. Fun and adventurous are her middle names. In fact she’s the one that was quoted by seofanguy as saying;

“Obviously, I ski… but I’m into the outdoors in general, that’s what living in Maine is all about. What you don’t know is that I’m also grease monkey girl and that I love all toys with motors – that list includes my race car (sponsor anyone?), ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes & motorcycles.”

But the best part is she is funny and sweet. You may want to sit down for this one Chris. When I met Elisabeth I told her “I like you” to which she responded, “No, you love me”, now that’s funny. Then later on in the evening I walked by her and said “I love you Elisabeth” and she responded “I love you too”, now that’s sweet. In your face Chris “Hooligan” Hooley!

I know Elisabeth doesn’t want me for Christmas but if she had a choice I’m sure she would rather spend time with me instead of being covered by that other guy’s coal dust.

Seriously dudes, this is one smokin hot chicka. Elisabeth O (I like to call her that because it makes my dirty mind wander) is a babe who needs a young buck like myself to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Plus she went to U Mass, which means she’s already down the with the Boston connection. If I had the chance, we’d spend a wicked pissah night pounding beahs at the bah, you know just pahtyin’ and flirtin’.

I’ll tell you what, I have this one pic on my flickr that says it all. Here I am, obviously excited to be within arms reach of one of the hottest search babes on the planet.

Just check out those eyes. She is fiiine!

Imagine this scenario. You wake up Christmas morning morning, heart filled with excitement. You run to the family room to check out your booty (I mean booty like in pirate speak, not in rapper speak, though I wouldn’t hesitate if I thought the coast was clear…) Then you notice one of your presents move. Next thing you know Elisabeth O pops out of the present in a hot little Santa’s helper outfit. OMG forget about the stocking stuffers. There’s only one thing on my mind at this point.

The rest of this story would read like a “romance” novel if I didn’t think Fan Guy would trash the post…

Whether she’s on the slopes, on the circuit, or at home in her jammies perfecting countless people’s copy, Elisabeth O has got swagger! Damn she’s such a catch.

Fan Guy, if you want a babe to get your motor running, this is the one bro.

Kalena Jordan and Qwerty were complaining about seo no longer being sexy. I was feeling that way myself until I met seofangirl and I know she can bring sexy back into seo. Why was she so seo sexy? Well for the all the reasons below.

1). Sexy is smart and the women of seo are smart, smart, smart.

“I’ve read the entirety of Plato’s Republic in Greek.”

“I took the SATs the summer before I started 7th grade. ”

“… a Masters Degree in Business”

“She received her B.A. in Genetics and Developmental Biology and an M.A. in Asian Studies/Japanese from University of Illinois.”

2). Sexy is fun and that’s exactly what the women of seo are, fun!

“She is also a well-known Disney fan…”

“My favorite sport is football…”

“I love all toys with motors – that list includes my race car (sponsor anyone?), ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes & motorcycles.”

3) Sexy is funny, and the women of seo are ha ha funny.

“One time I got stuck in my apartment’s elevator for over an hour. Thankfully, I was neither going into labor or having to pee.”

“Man of seo to woman of seo in a crowded elevator; He says “Did you ever notice how everybody gets quiet when the elevator door shuts?” She replies “Yeah, everybody but you!”.

“I’m afraid of moths. I can deal with and kill most bugs… but not moths.”

“I collect toads. Stuffed ones, plastic ones, glass ones, etc. (Most are actually frogs, but I pretend that they’re toads.) Oh, and they have names too, but sometimes I forget who’s who!”

4). Sexy is adventureous and the women of seo have had some adventures.

“I have a red belt in “kick boxing”.

“…five years as Public Relations Advisor to the Royal Thai Government.”

“When I was 14 my dad gave me a Euro-Pass which I used to go all over Germany, Austria and Italy skiing with friends.”

“She managed marketing and procurement contracts for the Japanese Government, Japanese Defense Agency, and top companies in heavy industry.”

“having lived and worked in Latin America and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish and French. She holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa and an M.B.A. from HEC in France.” (adventerous and smart)

“I worked in Madrid as an AuPair and lived near the Plaza de Castilla.”

5). Sexy is sweet and the women of seo are sugar sweet.

“When I think of my little brother, my eyes well up. He goes to college in Pennsylvania and I only get to see him during Christmas. He’s my heart”.

“She’s a bright young woman, and with all the training she’s getting, will be one to watch if she continues in the marketing industry. ” (About another woman of seo, now that’s sweet)

If you know any sexy women of seo that would also like to be blogrolled and become eligible for weekly nominations then please let us know in the comments. thanks seofanguy


Add to My Yahoo

Before I reveal her name, let me first explain how this works. You, the women of seo fans nominate a lovely lady of seo and each week I pick one of these nominees. During that week we want to shower love on the nominee. We want one and all to comment on why that nominee deserves to be the monthly winner. Tell us stories about her, why she is special and why you love her. At the end of four weeks, I’ll pick the lucky winner. So far the nominees are seofangirl (I love you seofangirl), Elisabeth Osmeloski, Irma Wallace, Lisa Ditlefsen, Denise Russell, Donna Fontenotand Christine Churchill. And the first weekly nominee is Elisabeth Osmeloski! We’d love to hear from Elisabeth also and hear what she has to say about being the first weekly nominee at the women of seo blog. Okay everybody, tell us why you love Elisabeth!

P.S. Did you know? Obviously, I ski… but I’m into the outdoors in general, that’s what living in Maine is all about. What you don’t know is that I’m also grease monkey girl and that I love all toys with motors – that list includes my race car (sponsor anyone?), ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes & motorcycles.
Note: Elisabeth is no longer living in Maine.

Wow,  seo fanguy  picked me as a contributor to this blog and I won’t let him down. I’m also waiting with bated breath for the nominee of the week. Who will she be? We already have several nominations.  I do know seo fanguy is crazy about seo fangirl and won’t quit talking about her. But he has to pick one lovely lady to get this started, so we’ll see who that is.  And Chris you can ask him yourself, I’m not your gopher dude.

I was honored that SEO FanGuy thought I was the right guy for the job.  SEO FanGirl, I love ya babe.  Even if SEO FanGuy is knocking off your style, you are one smokin hottie!  Those who know me can easily understand why I’m so into a girl who can be so cute and make such a big buzz.

David, tell SEO FanGuy to hurry up and pick this week’s nomination.  I’m itchin to win the heart of at least one of the beautiful women on this blogroll.

There are just too many women of seo for me to be able to do them justice so I’m passing this blog on to guest bloggers. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still in charge and I make the decisions about the direction of this blog, after all its my blog. I just thought it would be fun to have a couple of guys give their input and make this more interesting.

So I searched the blogosphere to find a couple of fun loving but more importantly, women of seo loving guys. Not just any guys but the kind of guys that could make something out of this. Something fun, kinky, well not too kinky, but definitely light hearted so I sent them an email and asked would they be game. You bet they were and we should be hearing from them soon. Who are they? Well since you asked and I’m sure you can’t wait, here they are: David Temple and Chris Hooley, That’s right a couple of wild and crazy guys to spread the love and share the fun. Stay tuned, we’ll see what happens!

Hey, guys and gals, please let me know who you want to nominate for this months woman of seo. They don’t have to be blogrolled and if you nominate anyone not on the blogroll I’ll be sure to add them. The winner will be announced in early January and they will receive some special attention so nominate now! So far we have seofangirl, Elisabeth Osmeloski and Irma Wallace. You can also second a nomination if you like.

Everyone loves the women of seo. SEO Fangirl herself blogs about how great the women of seo are and why not? Here’s what she says,

“So, I’ll give you a few ladies I love (not in that way, not that there’s anything wrong with that). They’re listed in no particular order, and this may not be a regualr thing, but here goes…

She gives a shout out to Jill Whalen, Lisa Barone and Rebecca Kelley. Come on SEO Fangirl, that’s all you could come up with? Me thinks you’re a bit jealous and don’t want to list too many. You’re afraid the seo guys are gonna give them more attention. Guess what? I love them too but there’s more, plenty more women of seo and SEO Fanguy loves them all. So I can’t wait to get started talking about the rest of them and picking our monthly winner for the Woman of SEO. I know who I’m voting for. Do you?